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AbramDavidComing to Our Animal SensesA Dark Mountain Conversation Between David Abrams and Dougald Hine
AbramDavidAnimism, Perception, and Earthly Craft of the Magician
AdornoTheodorAesthetic TheoryAesthetic Law and Artistic Mystery
AdornoTheodorCulture Industry
AdornoTheodorLetters to Walter Benjamin
AdornoTheodorReconciliation under Duress
AgambenGiorgioAbsolute Immanence
AgambenGiorgioArt, Inactivity, Politics
AgambenGiorgioBeyond Human Rights
AgambenGiorgioDifference and RepetitionOn Guy Debord's Films
AgambenGiorgioElements for a Theory of Destituent Power
AgambenGiorgioFor a Philosophy of Infancy
AgambenGiorgioHomo Sacer
AgambenGiorgioIdea of Prose
AgambenGiorgioImage and Silence
AgambenGiorgioInfancy and History
AgambenGiorgioKommerellor On Gesture
AgambenGiorgioMeans Without End
AgambenGiorgioNo to Biopolitical Tattooing
AgambenGiorgioOpus Dei
AgambenGiorgioPhilosophical Archaeology
AgambenGiorgioPilate and Jesus
AgambenGiorgioRemnants of Auschwitz
AgambenGiorgioSpeech and Knowledge
AgambenGiorgioState of Exception
AgambenGiorgioThe Adventure
AgambenGiorgioThe Camp as the ‘Nomos’ of the Modern
AgambenGiorgioThe Eternal Return and the Paradox of Passion
AgambenGiorgioThe Fire and the Tale
AgambenGiorgioThe Highest Poverty
AgambenGiorgioThe Man Without Content
AgambenGiorgioThe Mystery of Evil
AgambenGiorgioThe Open
AgambenGiorgioThe Work of Man
AgambenGiorgioTime that Remains
AgambenGiorgioToward an Ontology of Style
AgambenGiorgioUmwelt and Tick
AgambenGiorgioVocation and Voice
AgambenGiorgioWhat is an Apparatus
AhmedSaraA Phenomenology of Whiteness
AlcollaRuben AAnonymous Manifestos
Aldersey-WilliamsHughApplied Curiosity
AlexanderMichelleNew Jim CrowMass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
AlthusserLouisIdeology and Ideological State Apparatuses
AndraosAmaleSocial TransparencyIntroductionStreet Life
AntonelliPaolaAll Together Now!
AntonelliPaolaDesign and the Elastic Mind
AppaduraiArjunThe Social Life of ThingsCommodities in Cultural Perspective
ArandaJulietaTime / BankA Conversation with Julieta Aranda and Anton Vidokle
ArendtHannahBetween Past and Future
ArendtHannahReflections on Violence
ArendtHannahThe Human Condition
ArendtHannahThe Origins of Totalitarianism
AultmanB LeeExergueOr the Politics of Memory
AzoulayAriellaCivil Contract of Photography
BachelardGastonPoetics of SpaceMiniature
BachelardGastonPoetics of SpaceThe Dialectic of Outside and Inside
BalestriniNanniWe Want EverythingA Novel
BarnouwErikThe Magician and the Cinema
BarthesRolandCamera Lucida
BarthesRolandMyth Today
BarthesRolandThe Photographic Message
BarthesRolandThe Rhetoric of the Image
BasarShumonThe Age of EarthquakesA Guide to the Extreme Present
BaudrillardJeanEcstasy of Communication
BaudrillardJeanThe Precession of Simulacra
BenjaminWalterConversations with Brecht
BenjaminWalterReply to Adorno
BenjaminWalterThe Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
BennettJaneVibrant Matter
BenthamJeremyPanopticon or Inspection-HouseContaining the Idea of a New Principle of Construction
BerardiFranco ‘Bifo’How to Heal a Depression
BergenMarina van denThe Biggest Living Room in the NetherlandsFrank van Klingeren's Karregat in Eindhoven, 1970-1973
BergerJohnWays of Seeing
BerlantLaurenSex in Public
BernardMalcolmArt, Design and Visual Culture
BeyerElkeCase Studies
BeyerElkeHolidays After the FallIntroduction
BeyerElkeSun, Sea, Sand and ArchitectureHow Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast was turned into a Tourist Project
BigoDidierGlobalized (in)SecurityThe Field and the Ban-opticon
BirnbaumDaraTalking Back to the Media
BlanchotMauriceThe Thought from Outside
BlanchotMauriceThe Unavowable Community
BlochMauriceDeath and RegenerationOf Flesh and Bones
BlochMauriceDeath and RegenerationIntroduction
BlochMauriceDeath, Women and Power
BlochErnstDiscussing Expressionism
BlochErnstThe Spirit of Utopia
BlochErnstThe Utopian Function of Art and Literature
BloomerJenniferThe Matter of the Cutting Edge
BondRosePoetics and Public SpaceAn Investigation into Animated Installation
BordoSusanBody and the Reproduction of Femininity
BordwellDavidFundamental aesthetics of sound
BorisonikHernán$oporteEl Uso del Dinero como Material en las Artes VisualesSupport: Money as Material in Visual Arts)$oporteelusodeldinerocomomaterialenlasartesvisuales.pdf
BoysJosNeutral Gazes and Knowable ObjectsChallenging Masculinist Structures of Architectural Knowledge
BraidottiRosiThe Posthuman
BrechtBertoltA Short Organum for the Theatre
BrechtBertoltAgainst Georg Lukacs
BridleJamesThe New Aesthetic and its Politics
BrownAdrienne MareeEmergent StrategyShaping Change, Changing Worlds
BrownWendyUndoing the Demos
BuckleyCraigAfter the Manifesto
BurnsKarenArchitecture / Discipline / Bondage
BuschKathrinArtistic Research and the Poetics of Knowldege
BuschAkikoDesign for SportsIntroduction
BuschAkikoDesign for SportsThe Athlete Relocated
ButlerJudithGender TroubleBodily InscriptionsPerformative Subversions
ButlerOctavia EParable of the Sower
ButlerJudithSenses of the Subject (intro)
CageJohnSilenceLectures and Writings
CailloisRogerMan, Play & Games
CailloisRogerSimulation and Vertigo
CampbellJoesphThe Hero With a Thousand Faces
CarneySean Joseph PatrickWork of Art in Age of Mechanical Reproduction (Translation)
CastellsManuelCommunication, Power and Counter-Power in the Network Society
ChaseJohn LeightonEveryday Urbanism (Introduction)
ChavoyaC. OdineInternal ExilesThe InterventionistPublic and Performance Art of Asco
CliffordJamesNotes on Travel and Theory
CliffordJamesRoutesWhite Ethnicity
CloughPatricia TicinetoCalculative AestheticObjects and Unconcsious Desire in the Age of Big Data
ColemanJohnLandscape(s) of the MindPublic Space and Narrative Specificity
ColominaBeatrizEnclosed by ImagesThe Eameses' Multiscreen Architecture
ColominaBeatrizManifesto Architecture
CrawfordMargaretBlurring the BourndariesPublic Space, Private Life
CrosbyChristinaA Body Undone
CubittSeanFountains and Grottos
DarerAntoniaShattering the 'Race Lens'Toward a Critical Theory of Racism
DavisAngelaSlaying the DreamThe Black Family and the Crisis of Capitalism
DayanColinThe Law is a White DogHow Legal Rituals Make and Unmake Persons
De CerteauMichelMaking DoUses and Tactics
DeanJodiAliens in AmericaConspiracy Cultures from Outerspace to Cyberspace
DebordGuySituationist International AnthologySituationist Theses on Traffic
DebordGuySociety of the Spectacle
DeLandaManuelPhilosophy and SimulationThe Emergence of Synthetic Reason
DeleuzeGillesThe FoldLeibniz and the Baroque
DelphyChristineA Materialist Feminism is Possible
DiederichsenDiedrichAudio Poverty
DraxlerHelmutSymbolic EngineeringMeasurement, Aesthetics and the Rules for Art
DuboisW.E.B.Double Consciousness
ElkinsJamesThe Object Stares BackJust Looking
EspositoRobertoThe Origin of the PoliticalHannah Arendt or Simone Weil
FanonFrantzThe Fact of Blackness
FanonFrantzThe Wreched of the Earth
FarrellBarryA Candid Conversation with the Visionary Architect / Inventor / Philosopher R. Buckminster Fuller(Playboy Magazine)
FedericiSilviaCaliban and the WitchWomen, the Body and Primitive Accumulation
FedericiSilviaWhy Sexuality is Work
FischerGeorgeEvidence as Subject Matter
FoucaultMichelAs I Imagine Him
FoucaultMichelDiscipline and Punish
FoucaultMichelOf Other SpacesUtopias and Hterotopias
FoucaultMichelThe Subject and Power
FreedmanEricTransient ImagesPersonal Media in Public FrameworksTrauma and the Cellular Imaginary
FreedmanEricTransient ImagesThe Architectures of Cyberdating
FulcherJamesWhat is Capitalism?
GadamerHans GeorgThe Hermeneutics of Suspicion
GallowayAlexanderThe Exploit
GardnerKatyLocation and Relocation
GardnerColinNo GuaranteesThey're WolvesStructure, Movement and the Dystopic in Diana Thater's Chinare
GazetasAristidesFrench Avant-Garde Tradition and Surrealism
GeczyAdamReframing Art
GetachewAdomWorldmaking after EmpireThe Rise and Fall of Self-Determination
GollMortenDemocracy is a Good Idea
Gomez-PenaGuillermoEthno-Techno Writings on Performance Activism and Pedegogy
GoswamyB.N.Another Past, Another Context
GraeberDavidDead Zones of the ImaginationAn Essay on Structural Stupidity
GraeberDavidOf Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit
GraeberDavidThe Iron Law of Liberalism and the Eera of Total Bureaucratization
GrahamBerylRethinking CuratingArt After New Media
GroysBorisIntroduction: Global Conceptualism Revisted
GroysBorisThe Obligation to Self Design
GunningTomAesthetic of Astonishment
HallPeterCritical Visualization
HarawayDonnaA Cyborg Manifesto
HarneyStefanoThe UndercommonsFugitive planning and black study
HartmanSaidiyaScenes of Subjection
HavikKlaskeDefine and Let GoAn Interview with John Habraken
HaylesKatherineTraumas of Code
HegelGeorgLordship and Bondage
HerbertZbigniewStudy of the Object
HeskettJohnToothpicks and Logos
HobermanJVietnamThe Remake
HoltSteven SkovDesign for SportsNotes on an Infinity of Sports Cultures
hooksbellFeminist Class Struggle
hooksbellMoving Beyond Pain
hooksbellThe Oppositional GazeBlack Female Spectators
HoudartSophieWhat is in the Air? Or How We Get to Know What We Know About Invisible Things
IdenburgFlorianL.A.'s Not-So-Distant Future
IkenbergTamaraHistory Refused to Die
IlesChrissieVideo and Film Space
InagakiTatsuoFieldwork as Artistsic Practice
Internationale SituationnisteThe Use of Free Time
Invisible CommitteeFuck Off Google
JamesonFredricReflections in Conclusion
JeanlucNancyThe Disavowed Community
JencksCharlesThe Spirit of Adhocism
JenkinsBruceThe Machine in the Museum; orThe Seventh Art in Search of Authorization
JiwaniYasminViolating In/Visibilities
JonesAmeliaThe 1970s Situation and Recent InstallationJoseph Ssntarromana's Intersubjective Engagments
JudtTonyWhat is Living and What is Dead in Social Democracy
KarpIvanExhibiting Culturespt1
KeislerFrederickFunction Follows Vision Vision Follows Reality
KerrRobertCompression and Oppression
KohnEduardoHow Forests ThinkToward an Anthropology Beyond the Human
KopplinJohnAn Illustrated History of Computers Part ii
KraussRosalindNotes of the Index
KulcherSusanneArt as Ethnography The Case of Sophie CalleThe Case of Sophie Calle
KunstBojanaOn Laziness and Less Work
KwonMiwonOne Place After AnotherNotes on Site Specificity
La MettrieJulien Offray deMan a Machine
LabartaCarlosThe Last ManifestoThe Permanence of Humanity and the Ephmeriality of Geniuses
LarsenErnestOrdinary Gestures of Resistance
LatourBrunoWhy Has Critique Run out of Steam?From Matters of Fact to Matters of Concern
LauwaertMaaikeFacing ValueAfterward
LauwaertMaaikeFacing ValueBe Unproductive
LauwaertMaaikeFacing ValueEmbrace the Void
LauwaertMaaikeFacing ValueHesitate and Question
LauwaertMaaikeFacing ValueImprovise
LauwaertMaaikeFacing ValueInvite and Participate
LauwaertMaaikeFacing ValueOn Value
LauwaertMaaikeFacing ValuePlay
LauwaertMaaikeFacing ValueShare
LauwaertMaaikeFacing ValueSupport
LauwaertMaaikeFacing ValueUnite
LeubeLeonEvery State has a Hole
LevineCarolineFormsWhole, Rhythm, Heiarchy, Network
LinfieldSusieThe Cruel Rafiance Photojournalism and Human RightsPhotojournalism and Human Rights
LopézTiffany AnaImaging Community
LordCatherineThe Anthropologist's Shadow
LoshElizabethBeyond Biometrics
LovinkGeertWhat is the Social in Social Media?
LukacsGeorgRealism in the Balance
LunenfeldPeterOn Art and Technology at Lacma
MacDonaldScottA Critical CinemaKenneth Anger
MallarmeStephaneA Throw of the Dice Never Will Abolish Chance
MaltzanMichaelSocial Transparency
ManaughGeoffA Burgular's Guide to the City
MannNolanSurveillance & SocietySousveillance
Mappes-NiediekNorbertA Thorny Thicket
MartinElizabethPamphlet Architecture 16Architecture as a Translation of Music
MasseyDoreenSpace, Place and Gender
MassumiBrianAutonomy of Affect
MassumiBrianParables for the Virtual
MassumiBrianStrange Horizon
MassumiBrianThe Bleed
MaussMarcelThe Exchange of Gifts and the Obligation to Reciprocate
McCluhanMarshallThe Medium is the Message
McMahonKevinDisplacements, Furnishings, Houses, Museums
Merleau-PontyMauricePhenomenologyy of Perception
Merleau-PontyMauriceThe Visible and InvisiblePrecarious Life
MetahavenBlack TransparencyThe Right to Know in the Age of Mass Surveillance
MeyerJamesThe Functional Site; oror The Transofmation of Site Specificity
MiesMariaPatriarchy and the Accumulation on a World Scale
MinatoChihiroMeasuring the Measurer
MinatoChihiroPolitics of Measurement
Minh-HaTrinhWhen the Moon Waxes RedQuestions of Images and Politics
MirzoeffNicholasPanoptic Modernity
MirzoeffNicholasSlavery, Modernity and Visual Culture
MirzoeffNicholasThe Right to Look
MirzoeffNicholas (editor)The Visual Culture Reader
MitchellW.J.T.What Do Pictures Want?
MladekKlausSovereignty in RuinsA Politics of Crisis
MoctezumaAlessandraHidden Economies in Los AngelesAn Emerging Latino Metropolis
MondlochKateBe Here and There Now
MonsonIngridHearing, Seeing, and Perceptual Agency
MorozovEvgenyMaking ItPick Up a Spot Welder and Join the Revolution
MotenFredBlack and BlurConsent Not to Be a Single Being
MotenFredIn the BreakAesthetics of the Black Radical Tradition
MoynSamuelNot EnoughHuman Rights in an Unequal World
MrduljasMarojeBuilding the Affordable ArcadiaTourism Development on the Croatian Adriatic Coast Under State Socialism
MullicanMattAesthetics of Measurement
MullicanMattAesthetics of MeasurementWho Feels the Most Pain?
NaremoreJamesStanley Kubrick and the Aesthetics of the Grotesque
NehlMarkusTransnational Black Dialogue
NieuwenhuysConstantAnother City for Another Life
NoysBenjaminMalign VelocitiesAccelerationism and Capitalism
ObristHans UlrichIn Conversation with Julian Assange Pt i
ObristHans UlrichIn Conversation with Julian Assange Pt ii
OtxotorenaJuan M.Contemporary Architecture and the Manifesto Genre
PainterNell IrvinEarly American White People Observed
PapanekVictorDo it Yourself Murder
ParryJonathanSacrificial Death and the Necrophagous Ascetic
PasquinelliMatteoAlleys of Your MindAugmented Intelligence and Its Traumas
PaulChristianeChallenges for Ubiquitous MuseumPresenting and Preserving New Media
PaulChristianeNew Media in the White Cube and Beyond
PeirceCharlesLogic as Semiotic
PeirceCharlesOn the Nature of Signs
PellizziFrancescoOn the Margins of Recorded HistoryAnthropology and Primitivism
PenneyJoelThe Citizen MarketerPolitical Fans and Cheerleaders
PenneyJoelThe Citizen MarketerThe Citizen Marketer Approach to Political Action
PennyLaurieMeat MarketFemale Flesh Under CapitalismDirty Work
PinneyChristopherHow the Other Half
PiperAdrianPassing for White Passing for Black
PollockGriseldaThinking the FeminineAesthetic Practice as Introduction to Bracha Ettinger and the Concepts of Matrix and Metamorphosis
PortelliAlessandroThe Death of Luigi Trastulli, and Other StoriesForm and Meaning in Oral History
PowellLucyEpistemology of Measurement
PowellLucyEpistemology of MeasurementNotes on the Presentation
PozoJose ManuelThe Alhambra PalaceThe Katsura of the West
PreciadoBeatrizTesto Junkie
PrownJulesStyle as Evidence
RaileyJenniferDependent Origination and the Dual-Nature of the Japanese Aesthetic
RanciereJacquesThe Interdisciplinary
ReasCaseyForm + Code In Design Art and ArchitectureForm and Computers
ReasCaseyForm + Code In Design Art and ArchitectureParameterize
ReasCaseyForm + Code In Design Art and ArchitectureRepeat
ReasCaseyForm + Code In Design Art and ArchitectureSimulate
ReasCaseyForm + Code In Design Art and ArchitectureTransform
ReasCaseyForm + Code In Design Art and ArchitectureVisualize
ReasCaseyForm + Code In Design Art and ArchitectureWhat is Code?
RibasJoaoUnder the CloudsFrom Paranoia to the Digital Sublime
RickelsLauenceScream IV
RitsemaJanA Liquid RevolutionManagement and Political Representation:A We-Can-Do-It-Ourselves Economy, A For-Free Economy
RobertsNeilFreedom as Marronage
RolligStellaContemporary Art Practices and the Museum
RoordaRuurdVital Architecture(english, without case studies)
RoslerMarthaCulture Class
RussellCatherineArchival Apocalypse Found Footage as EthnographyFound Footage as Ethnography
SaitoYurikoEveryday Aesthetics
SampleHilaryIf Housing Then … A Wish List.
SaussureFerdinand deThe Linguistic Sign
SchraderStuartBadges Without BordersHow Global Counterinsurgency Transformed American Policing
SchrankBrianPractices Of LookingViewers Make Meaning pt i
SchrankBrianPractices Of LookingViewers Make Meaning pt ii
ScodittiGlancarloKitawaA Linguistic and Aesthetic Analysis of Visual Art in MelanesiaAesthetic Conversations
SconceJeffreyHaunted Media
ScottJames C.Against the GrainA Deep Hiostry of the Earliest States
ScottFelicity D.Tournaments
SenAmartyaArgumentative IndianWomen and Men
SennettRichardMontaigne's Cat
SheikhSimonObjects of Study or Commodiciaton of Knowledge?Remarks on Artistic Research
ShklovskyViktorArt as Technique
SilvermanKajaThe Miracle of Analogy (ch. 2)
SilvermanKajaThe Miracle of Analogy (ch.1)
SimondsCharlesThree Peoples
SkeggsBeverleyValues Beyond Value? Is Anything Beyond the Logic of Capital?
SmithS.Race and Reproduction in Camera Lucidia
SontagSusanRegarding the Pain of Others
SrinivasanRameshAfter the InternetHacking the Hacktivists
SrinivasanRameshAfter the InternetIntroduction
SrinivasanRameshAfter the InternetMedia ActivismShaping Online and Offline Networks
StaffordBarbara MariaIlliterate MonumentsThe Ruin as Dialectic or Broken Classic
StanislavskiConstantinAn Actor Prepares
StanleyJasonHow Propaganda WorksLanguage as Mechanism of Control
StephanAnnaWhat can we Learn from Artists' Projects in Museusms
StewartSusanGarden Agon
SteyerlHitoThe Wreched of the Screen
StieglerBernardRelational Ecology of the Digital Pharmakon
SturkenMaritaSpectatorship, Power and Knowledge
SturkenMaritaThe Space of Electronic TimeThe Memory Machines of Jim Campbell
SuderburgErikaSpace, Site, Intervention
SuderburgErikaWritten on the WestHow Land Gained Site
TanizakiJunichiroIn Praise of Shadows
TimofeevaOxanaEpistemology of MeasurementUnconscious Tendencies in Animal Epistemology
TschumiBernardArchitectural Manifestos
TsingAnna LowenhauptThe Mushroom at the End of the WorldOn the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins
TurkleSherryWho Am We
TurnerJohn F.C.Freedom to Build
UexküllJakob vonA Foray into the World of Animals and Humans (Introduction)
Uexkulljakob vonCarriers of Meaning
UkelesMierle LadermanManifesto
UNDPPowerful Synergies
VerwoertJanExhaustion and ExuberanceWays to Defy the Pressure to Perform
VidlerAnthonyFrom Manifesto to Discourse
VirilioPaulA Landscape of Events
VirilioPaulArt & Fear
VirilioPaulBunker Archeology
VirilioPaulCrepuscular Dawn
VirilioPaulEscape Velocity
VirilioPaulPopular Defense & Ecological Struggles
VirilioPaulPure War
VirilioPaulSelected Interviews
VirilioPaulSpeed & Politics
VirilioPaulStrategy of Deception
VirilioPaulThe Administration of Fear
VirilioPaulThe Aesthetics of Disappearance
VirilioPaulThe Great Accelerator
VirilioPaulThe Information Bomb
VirilioPaulThe Lost Dimension
VirnoPaoloA Grammar of the Multitude
VirnoPaoloChildhood and Critical Thought
VirnoPaoloFamiliar Horror
VirnoPaoloNatural-Historical DiagramsThe 'New Global' Movement and the Biological Invariant
VirnoPaoloThe Dismeasure of ArtAn Interview
VirnoPaoloTheses on the New European Fascism
VirnoPaoloWhen the Word Becomes FleshLanguage and Human Nature
WalkerEnriqueRetroactive Manifestos
WallisBrianA Product You Could Kill For(Damaged Goods, Desire and the Economy of the Object)
WangJackieCarceral Capitalism
WarnerMichaelPublics and Counter Publics
WeilSimoneThe Need for RootsPrelude to a Declaration of Duties Towards Mankind
WeizmanEyalForensic ArchitectureNotes
WeizmanEyalForensic ArchitecturePreface & Intro
WeizmanEyalForensic ArchitecturePart One
WeizmanEyalForensic ArchitecturePart Three
WeizmanEyalForensic ArchitecturePart Two
WelchmanJohn C.Public Art and the Sepctacle of Money
WellsPaulThe Toolbox of Technology and Technique
WendtAlexander & Raymond DuvallSovereignty and the UFO
WigleyMarkManifesto Fever
WolfeCaryBefore the LawHumans and Other Animals in a Biopolitical Frame
WynterSylviaUnsettling the Coloniality of Being/Power/Truth/FreedomTowards the Human, After Man, Its OverrepresentationAn Argument
YoshidaMiyaTowards (Im)Measurability of Art and LifeTalking Back to the LightNameless Architecture and Its Critique of Epistemology
YoshidaMiyaTowards (Im)Measurability of Art and LifeExercises in MeasurementDance of Accuracies
YoshidaMiyaTowards (Im)Measurability of Art and LifeExercises in MeasurementFrom Universality to Ubiquity of Measurement
YoshidaMiyaTowards (Im)Measurability of Art and LifeExercises in MeasurementIm/Measurability of Life
YoshidaMiyaTowards (Im)Measurability of Art and LifeIntroduction
YoshidaMiyaTowards (Im)Measurability of Art and LifeUnit SituationalDe-Institutionalising Measurement
YoshidaMiyaTowards (Im)Measurability of Art and LifeExercises in Measurement
ZinganelMichaelFrom 'Social Tourism' to a Mass Market Consumer ParadiseOn the Democratization and Commodification of Seaside Tourism in Croatia